Dog Warden

Roseanne Bender Cell # 250-6492

Please be advised that under Article 7 of the Department of Ag and Markets Law, that all dogs over the age of 4 months must be licensed within the State of New York.

The dog control officer will be conducting an enumeration within the Town limits. If your dog is   NOT licensed, you will have (10) business days to do so.  You must bring a valid rabies certificate   (1 year or 3 year) to obtain a license.  Licenses are available for the up to 3 years:

The cost of a dog license is: Spayed or neutered dog $6.00, Intact dog, male or female $14.00

 If your dog is not licensed during the time of the enumeration, you will be faced with an extra $5.00 fee (per dog)

2018 Rabies Clinic Schedule

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2% tax cap override 2018 revoke


Dog Enumeration Notice 2018