2017 Year
January 2017 Town Board Minutes
February 2017 Town Board Minutes
March 2017 Town Board Minutes
April 2017 Town Board Minutes
April 2017 Special Hire Meeting
May 2017 Special Meeting Summer Rec Hire
May 2017 Special Meeting Summer Rec Hire Meeting 2
July 2017 Town Board Meeting
 August 2017 Town Board Meeting
September 2017 Town Board Meeting
September 2017 Budget Meeting
September 2017 2nd part to Budget Meeting
October 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
10-17 Special Meeting- Massena Rescue Squad
10-17 Special Meeting- Teamsters Contract
10-17 Tentative Budget to Preliminary
November 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
December 2017 Regular Meeting
December 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
2018 Year
1-18 Organizational meeting and regular meeting
1-18 water special meeting
2-18 regular meeting
2-18 special water meeting
3-18 Regular Meeting
4-18 Regular Meeting
4-18 Special Water Meeting
5-18 Regular Meeting
5-18 Special meeting minutes- summer bus program interviews


Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting January 26th 2016
Zoning Board of Appeals June 14th 2016
9-20-2016 Meeting Board of Appeals
Board of Appeals Meeting 6/6/2017
Board of Appeals Meeting 3/13/2018


Planning Board Meetings
Planning Board Meeting 2-22-2016 Wright 22.002-2-1 168 Coles Creek Road
Special Exceptions Meeting
4/30/2018 Subdivision Meeting

Public Notices

Public Notice Assessors Hours and Tentative Roll

Dog Enumeration Notice 2018

Public Notice Willard Road Shoulders

Notice of Completion of Inventory for 2018 Town Assessor

Cold War Veterans Exemption Public Hearing

 Public Hearing Subdivsion