24 hour Emergency contact

Larry Legault 315-250-6891 or John Beattie at 315-250-6529

Reading of water bills is done every three months. For any billing questions contact office at 315-764-7473

We can take credit card payments thru the office hours of 8 am to 3pm.


LOCAL LAW-Water law 2017

Annual Water Quality Report 2016



The town will be flushing water mains and testing fire hydrants beginning
November 7th and continue until finished. The flushing will produce a scouring
action that loosens and removes sediment buildup, including rust deposits and sand from the pipes that deliver your water
During flushing you may notice some discoloration or sediment in your tap
water, affecting only its appearance. The water is safe and will clear up in a few
minutes when you run cold water through the faucets of your bathtub or other
unscreened tap such as a backyard garden hose.
One word of caution: rust will stain light-colored laundry. When hydrants near
you are being tested, please be sure that both your cold and hot water are rust free
before you launder any whites.
If you have any questions call the Town Office at 769-0457

NOTICE Town of Louisville
Water Customers in Water District
One, Two and Three


Anyone leaving for the winter Months we encourage having your main water shut off by the Town of Louisville

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